Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens is a tropical legume that grows naturally in several parts of Africa and Asia. It has been used for centuries to treat a number of different ailments in Eastern medicine. Everything from snake bites to Parkinson’s disease.

This interesting bean contains a number of different substances that are known to have physiological effects. The most significant is L-dopa, although Mucuna also contains serotonin,  5-HTP, bufotenine, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), nicotine, beta-carboline, and 5-MEO-DMT. It is unlikely that these have any noticeable effect, though, as they are only found in very small quantities.

In recent years, Mucuna pruriens has become popular in nootropic and fitness communities. For many users, it provides a noticeable improvement in mood,  increased motivation, and a reduction in anxiety. This makes it. This makes it a great part of any nootropic stack or as a pre-workout supplement.  There is also some research to suggest that to suggest that it may increase testosterone and growth hormone (HGH) levels

Other names for this wonderful plant

  • Velvet bean
  • Cowitch
  • Cowage
  • Lacuna bean
  • Lyon bean
  • Florida velvet bean
  • Yokohama velvet bean
  • Muritius velvet bean
  • Bengal velvet bean


  • Adaptogen


  • Improved mood
  • Increased sense of well being
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased dopamine levels
  • Possibly increased testosterone and HGH

Side effects and warnings

Mucuna seems to be very well tolerated at recommended dosages. One large double-blind study showed  that Mucuna had had no serious side effects at a dosage of 30 grams for 20 weeks

Since Mucuna contains L-dopa, the side effects of L-dopa are possible. However, several studies have shown that Mucuna seems to have fewer side effects than L-dopa. This may be due to Mucuna containing other substances in addition to L-dopa, Which might mitigate certain side effects.

Some users report nausea, gastrointestinal distress, and upset stomach after taking Mucuna. This can easily be eliminated by taking Mucuna with food.

If you are taking MAOI(typically prescribed for severe depression or other psychiatric drugs that can affect dopamine levels. You should talk to your prescriber before taking Mucuna.

How long do nootropics take to work?


This totally depends on the nootropic being used. Some start to work quickly, with the effects felt within minutes. Others can take weeks before any of the benefits are noticeable.

Many nootropics have both immediate and long-term benefits. Some of the effects are noticeable within an hour, although others do not become so for several weeks. One example of this would be phenylpiracetam. Users often notice an increase in motivation and focus after a single dose. However, it is not until several weeks of daily use that the memory enhancing and other benefits of phenylpiracetam are realized.

Another thing that effects how long it takes to work is the route of administration (ROA) Nootropics can be taken in a variety of ways, just like other drugs and supplements. Some ROA’s include gets whatever nootropic you are taking into the bloodstream faster than others.

The vast majority of nootropics works best when taken by mouth, orally. Other ROA,s include intranasal (through the nose), sublingual (under the tongue), and inhalation. There are some drugs with nootropic properties that can be injected either intravenously (into the vein or intramuscularly (into the muscle), but these ROA’S are rarely used.

One example of a nootropic that can be administered safely and effectively by multiple ROA’s  is noopept. Noopept is most commonly taken orally by the mouth. When taken this way the effects are usually felt within an hour or so, although can also be taken sublingually and intranasally. When taken sublingually, the effects are usually noticeable within 30 minutes. And, when taken intranasally, they are noticeable within minutes.

Generally, when it comes to ROA, intravenously administered drugs are felt first. This should come as no surprise, as they are injected directly into the bloodstream. Intranasal is next, followed by sublingual and lastly, orally, Drugs that are taken by the mouth have to be broken down and processed before they reach the bloodstream. And if your stomach is filled with food, it usually takes longer for the effects to be felt.



Will Nootropics show up on a drug test?

This is a tricky question. The simple answer is no, they shouldn’t, although false positives do happen and they happen a lot more than you might think.

A false positive is when the drug screen comes back positive for something that was never taken. Drug screens do not test for the drugs directly. They test for metabolites that drugs break down in the body. Sometimes unrelated drugs break down into similar metabolites causing a false reading.

Common drug screens do not look for nootropics. Standard 5-panel drug screens (commonly used for employment) only test for THC (cannabis), PCP, cocaine, amphetamines, and opiates.

Nootropics should not cause a false positive for any of these things. However, it is always possible. If you have to undergo extensive drug testing, it is recommended that you use caution.

And it should be noted that amphetamines (Adderall, Vyvanse, Dexedrine, etc.) will show up on a standard drug screen. If you have a prescription for one of these medications, then it should not be a problem. Otherwise, you should not take any drugs containing any amphetamines.

One thing that I would like to mention. It is something that I only learned recently. I found out that phenylpiracetam is banned in the Olympics. I will tell you what, the first time that I tried 200 mg from smart drugs for college, or I really felt like I had a considerable edge.  The only downside is that the tolerance goes up fast.

What about cannabis?

Nootropics are drugs that improve memory, focus, attention, and motivation. Cannabis, for most people, has the opposite effect. By using cannabis with nootropics, you might be canceling out some of the cognitive-enhancing effects.

That being said, Mixing cannabis with certain nootropics can enhance other effects. Nootropics that affect mood and anxiety levels are often used with cannabis to increase their mind-boosting and anxiety-reducing effects.

Although The use of cannabis and nootropics together has not been scientifically studied, there is no reason to think that this combination would be dangerous.

So yes, you can probably use cannabis and nootropics together. This combo may increase the antianxiety and antidepressant effect of some nootropics. However, it may also diminish some of the cognitive boosting effects.

Ginkgo Biloba help prevent strokes.

A while back a guy commented on my website if nootropics would help with someone who had a stroke a year and a half ago.  I normally have the answers at my fingertips. This time I did not have an answer. I can not remember what the advice was except maybe ashwagandha root extract.

On Friday, June 9th my mother had a mild stroke. She went through it for 2 hours and did not tell me, for fear of me having a panic attack on Friday’s work. My younger brother flew in from California and my older brother was planning on coming over to the house where I take care of my mother on Saturday, June the 17th. Well on the morning of the 16th I found out that my older brother that was coming out on the 17th could not make it because his wife had a major stroke.

I was looking for something on the Internet to find an image or saying that would best describe the way that I was feeling. It has been 2 weeks and things are a lot better again.

Play Wealthy Affiliates

I just want people to know that there is a way to pursue your passions and make money at the same time. That is if you have the time. I have been with Wealthy Affiliates for 10 months. At first, I wanted to make money, because my job was driving me crazy. Now I am doing this because every time that I put a little time into building my website.

If you think that this is a get rich scheme, you are wrong, it is a get rich slow scheme.

Why does Big Pharma hate nootropics?

I just ordered 500 Grams of kratom for $190.00. I was thinking to myself that is a lot of money. At the same time, I was thinking about all of the positive things that have happened to me since then. One of the first things that I noticed about kratom was that it took those awful feelings for opiates. The next thing that I noticed was that it actually helped a lot with the pain that I was having in my back. I also noticed that it would mellow me out at work. I did not get as angry as usual. I could go on and on about kratom benefits, although I do want to mention one more that is very important. I noticed that my social anxiety was reduced a considerable amount.

I think that this video explains a lot. It also explains why  I have been taking more than I should. It does seem to build a tolerance that I did not expect. After watching this video it made a lot of sense to me why I seem to take more than I should. I will have to do what this guy says in this video.



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